The Visa

A downtrodden paralegal and a desperate undocumented asylum seeker attempt to transform their lives and beat the system when they embark on a perilous journey towards pregnancy.

Prospective Theatrical feature.


June 2020 draft: 103 pgs.


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Having had to flee his native Albania, architect Pavlo Bublik at least enjoys ‘freedom’; but as an illegal immigrant-cum-undocumented asylum seeker, his city of haven is a dubious refuge.  Finding himself as an enslaved night worker, cleaning office toilets for below minimum wage, he’s now desperate for a visa.

Door-mat in love life and downtrodden at work, paralegal Cathy Salcoats has just been transferred to the law firm’s immigration department.  When the dishevelled Pavlo appears in her office, he’s not just a client... he’s a solution.

The Visa’ is a character-driven story with a hard, realistic edge - a comedy with a conscience. In its essence, it’s a story about the lengths two incongruous characters will go to if sufficiently desperate and driven; but there are a number of elements that distinguish this film from the mere will-they-won’t-they.  It’s a film about collisions and contradictions.  Cathy & Pavlo come from worlds apart, yet her immigration lawyer and his asylum-seeker couldn’t be a more seamless fit.  The undercurrent of shared goals and obstacles is obvious -  Cathy’s biological imperative will echo with many women, while Pavlo’s need for safe haven taps into one of the most emotive and controversial societal issues of our day.  This contemporary backdrop provides a canvas against which the consequent high-stakes comedy is played out. 


Attached as 'Pavlo' - CHRIS RYMAN

Attached as 'Cathy - SHAUNA MACDONALD