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This film is for the misunderstood in all walks of life... it just happens to be about those who walk...

very quickly!


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55 mins (DVD), 52 mins (TV). 

UK.  2013.  Film Nouveau.


As Writer, Co-Producer, Director



In this black-comedy, set against the contrasting geography of Glasgow, can Joe triumph over his demons and disability and wheel himself from one side of the city to the other… even with the help of a blind man!?


Joe Smeal - Ricky Callan

   Davie Bell - Steven McNicoll


  “A simple, uplifting and fun film with strong 

  audience appeal- The Guide

    “Touching and Poignant... it ticks all the boxes”

        - Glasgow Film Festival

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29 mins (DVD)

U.K.  2010.  Film Nouveau

Developed with

PTFF 1-75x3 LAURELS Honourable mention 3
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As Writer, Associate Producer, Co-Director

Dirty Laundry Poster 2.png

105 mins.

U.S.  1998. Trident Releasing.

Mid-Life crisis explored through the hair-loss of New Jersey dry-cleaning magnate Joey Greene (Jay Thomas).


It premiered at the 1996 London Film Festival, and continues to pop up on TV all round the world.


Joey Greene - Jay Thomas

Beth Greene - Tess Harper


“A delicious romantic comedy”  The Herald

"Outrageous and wry... a comedy with some bite" Time Out, New York.


“Smart, fast and funny”  London Film Festival


“Transmits a genuine sense of pain, confusion and absurdity”  Time Out, London

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Leon poster 2.png

Leon was a groundbreaking independent hit which has subsequently become a minor British cult classic.  Made on a then-shoestring budget by the producing-directing team of Gary Sinyor & Vadim Jean, it was one of the first U.K. feature films to directly explore British-Jewish culture... the result being a landmark  comedy  which sold round the world and garnered a handful of prestigious awards.


Leon Geller - Mark Frankel

Brian Chadwick - Brian Glover

Yvonne Chadwick - Connie Booth

Judith Geller - Janet Suzmanne

Sidney Geller - David De Keyser

Madeleine - Maryam D’Abo

Lisa - Gina Bellman


Chaplin Award, Edinburgh Film Festival

International Critics’ Prize, Venice Film Festival

Best Newcomers, London Evening Standard

Best First Film, London Critics’ Circle

As Co-Writer

U.K. 1993.  Beyond Films

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